Are you a dog?

Am I a dog?

That is the question that many South Africans may be asking themselves in the wake of the comment “The African National Congress (ANC) has not gone to the dogs, but the dogs have left the party” by the ANC Women’s League President, Angie Motshekga, on Monday 20 October 2008 (see Mail & Gaurdian article).

And then in a radio interview on SAFM, when asked the question “could you not have used a better term”, she really ‘puts her foot in it’ (excuse the pun) when she replies, “it was an english idiom that I used.”

The problem of course lies in the fact that the idiom does not have the tail-end “the dogs have left…” and in adding this to her statement, she clearly and deliberately labelled disgruntled ANC members, as dogs.

As if the ANC doesn’t have enough problems of it’s own already to deal with!

By stopping at the end of the idiom, without any tail-ends, the honourable ANC Women’s League President, would have sufficiently made her point without insulting anyone. This really was a lack of judgement on her part and she shoud rather be making efforts to make amends, rather than trying to justify using the term.

Bark. Bark-bark.

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  1. This in my opinion is the best thing that can happen to our country. At the moment there is no way to stop any thing the ANC wants.(2/3magority rule) History teaches absolute power corrupts absolutely. We now stand a chance. Look at the ANC’s generally corrupt President (as per one of our Judges)…Yes another Judge who was in a building with his few court officers and was surrounded by a Mob of thousands demanding JZ be cleared. Said he was ok. This I heard… I ask why dose an Innocent man need injunctions on information on deals me made. Y is his yes not yes and no not no. If this man gets more power will history’s rule be proved right

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