Life sentence for killing a mannequin

A man was jailed for life today after a court found him guilty of first degree murder. John Doe was sentenced to life imprisonment after a jury determined that he had purposefully, deliberately and calculatedly, planned and executed the attack that led to the untimely death of the victim. The victim was a 20 year old clothing store mannequin. But this was no ordinary mannequin.

According to the store owner, Jane Doe (the mannequin) was very special to him. Indeed, so special was Jane to him, that he had decided last spring that he was going to propose (marriage) to her. Unbeknownst to the store owner, Jane was already in a committed relationship with John. So when the storeowner approached Jane, he was unaware, that he was being watched by John.

Enraged by the incident, John told the court, that he could not bear life without Jane and decided to himself that if he could not have her, no-one could. And so the diabolical plan to end Jane’s life, started.

When passing judgement, the presiding judge noted in his comment, that John had shown no remorse throughout the trial and that he was under obligation to protect society.
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If you are thinking “is this for real”, then I thank the Lord that society has not degenerated to this level where you can still identify what absurdity is. But how much longer will it be?

Just recently I read two articles where “virtual crimes” had been committed and the “human being” offenders were taken to court. The most recent article on tells of a Japanese women who killed her virtual reality husband. Click here to read the whole News24 article.

You have got to be kidding!!! Fair enough she wasn’t convicted of murder, but how long will it be before this happens? Get a life people!!!

This reminds me of the South African TV advert for Fanta, where the guys make up their own cardboard friends and spend time with them. At the end of the advert, Fanta puts it into perspective nicely with the closing phrase, “Get a real friend”.

I can not actually believe that the courts allowed this. When the guy opened the case with the police, they should have charged him with wasting police and court time, not to mention tax payers dollars. I wonder if one could be charged for divulging your password to others.

Moral of the story: get a real friend

p.s. – and don’t give out your damn passwords…….

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