Nudity does not improve concentration

This is not rocket science people. Yet some marketing and advertising people, are not getting this.

Take for instance the article in the Mail and Guardian about a kiwi airline that thought it would be helpful to have the cabin crew do the safety video in the nude (click here to read the article). Now come on! Did they honestly think that because more people are now watching the video, that that automatically equates to an increased level of concentration on the safety message? Of course not. The blood is no longer in the brain! It’s in other parts of the body.

I think what the bosses of this airline company fail to realise, the reason no one is concentrating on the message, is because they KNOW it already. They’ve probably flown so many times before, that the safety message is already so ingrained into them, they are scarred for life.

But no! Any reason to wave a bit of flesh around, right! This idea is as absurd in its application as it is to think that having nude lecturers at university, is going to increase the concentration level of the students.

Oh, how I could carry on, but I think you get the point.

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