Queen has economists by the “crown jewels”

At last! Someone (other than a politician) with real “power” is asking the necessary questions of what in the world has happened in the world? And the feedback is not very positive. In fact, it is pointing to a fundamental lack in that area of exeprtise. What area is that? Economics.

According to a report by Matthew Lynn (a columnist for bloomberg.com), the Queen of England has asked the leading professors at the London School of Economics, why the credit crunch was not predictable. With all the brains and advice to governments at their fingertips, the professors have been unable to satisfactorily answer the Queen’s question.

And I love it!!!!

Why??? Because she’s not prepared to accept any old rambling of words. She’s not being swayed by big discourses and important sounding terms. She just wants it straight up like the rest of us. And they can’t give it.

Now I’m under no illusion that the Queen has only the interests of the people at heart as I am certain the Royal Treasury must surely have taken a knock of it’s own. So there’s maybe a little bit of self-preservation in the mix of things. But it does not detract from the fact that she is a non-politician with enormous clout that is asking a fair and reasonable question.

But who’s to say that there were not those voices crying out against what was happening in the world, but it was simply squelched by politicians needing to keep their day in office a little longer? Or what about the theory that this whole thing has been staged (google financial crisis staged)?

The bottom end is that no one actually knows. and then Queen has simply made this knowledge public.

Moral of the story: don’t trust an economist; and don’t have debt.

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PS – click here to read the full bloomberg article


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