Eradicate the Pornography Plague

Dear Mr Deputiy Minister, Malusi Gigaba
I was encouraged to hear that you are promoting the idea of an outright ban on pornography to prevent the proliferation of child pornography. Pornography fuels sexual lust and it is without a doubt, totally impossible to be looking and watching pornography, without requiring to be sexually satisfied. The increased availability and visibility of pornographic material without proper controls, is leading to a society that is falling more and more into depravity. It is even such now, that I can not go and buy a loaf of bread, and I am assaulted with images that flame sexual lust.
 Just recently I was reading an article in the Mail and Gaurdian that said Hamas was accusing Israel of dumping an aphrodisiac in the Gaza Strip to boost sexual drive, thereby corrupting the young. If they are considering an increased sexual drive to be leading to the corruption of the young, then how much more so pornography that is so readily available in this country?
I am aware that it is every person’s right to freely look at these things within their own conscience, but at what cost? If government is serious about wanting a future with this country, then the corruption of the young who will be the leaders of the future, is a serious problem that needs to be tackled. And I think you are on the right course.
I am aware sir, that this is going to be a long and hard battle. But you have my prayers. May I further suggest the following until you are completely succesful in your actions:
  • the removal of ALL pornographic material (both soft and hard) from the shelves of ANY shop that is not an adult entertainment shop. This would significantly reduce the visibility and availability of pornography to both men and children of society.
  • the removal of ALL B-rated movies (as those shown on E-TV) from the public airwaves, thus erradicating the accessibility of it to the masses. This type of movie can for now still be available through pay channels only.
  • As part of the governments RICA program, all cell phones now have to be registered with an ID. With this, make a rule that will allow parents to indicate whether thay want internet access available on the cell phone number or not, thus allowing the cell phone operators, to be able to effectively identify cell phones that must be banned from having internet access. This will ensure that children are not exposed via their cellphones. But it MUST be the operator’s responsibility (VODACOM, MTN, CELL C, VIRGIN); they do have the means if they try hard enough.
Darryl Schoeman
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