Alarming Increase in Deception across the Globe

Read this from the Family Policy Institute.

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Arlene and I have just returned from Washington DC in the US where we attended Family Research Council’s 4th Annual Values Voter Summit at the historic Omni Shoreham Hotel.

Some of America’s most prominent pro-family leaders spoke at the Summit focussing on the relentless attacks against the sanctity of life, the family and America’s Christian heritage.

Deception is evident everywhere – driven mainly by the liberal secular humanistic media obsessed with obliterating from the public square anything remotely connected to Biblical Christianity.

Christian thought & opinion on key issues are deliberately misrepresented or under-reported.

For example, on 12 September hundreds of thousands of US Christians assembled in Washington DC to peacefully voice their opposition to their governments proposed takeover of health care.

The mainstream liberal media either completely ignored this significant event or grossly misrepresented the purpose for the protest or the number of people that participated.

Any opposition to US President Barack Obama’s increasingly anti-life, anti-family, pro-homosexual and socialistic policies are branded as racist, anti-American or worse.

It is no different in South Africa. The liberal media dominates the debate and often ignores or misrepresents an alternative view to their anti-life and anti-family agenda.

Many of the press releases I submitted to the media on the prostitution issue have been ignored. However, when COSATU makes the deplorable statement that “prostitution must be decriminalised and unionised” the media provides blanket coverage because it fits in with their agenda.

Alarmingly, nobody questioned COSATU’s confusing statement that directly contradicts their alliance partner, the ANC’s election promise that they will create ‘decent jobs’ for all South Africans.

When the nation’s largest union suggests that the inherently harmful and sexually exploitative practise of prostitution be considered part of SA’s job creation program without any outrage being expressed by the Church, government or the media –then deception has truly permeated society.

The liberal media in the US and in South Africa are blatantly advancing an anti-Christian agenda. Truth is sacrificed on the altar of expediency and the facts are manipulated to suit their viewpoint.

As a result, nothing the media reports today can be accepted with any degree of certainty. News reporting has been replaced with ‘news manipulation’ to advance a particular agenda.

That is why millions are moving away from the traditional media preferring to receive their news through blogs and online reporters not connected to the mainstream liberal establishment.

Family Policy Institute’s vision is to provide news and commentary on key social issues from a Biblical Christian perspective. Essentially, FPI will report the news the liberal media ignore.

That is why I am working hard to complete FPI’s in house recording studio to produce radio programming for the approximately 20 Christian radio stations across the country.

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