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Trevor Noah does it for me

In a marketing sense that is. This is a big thing for a pragnalyst (pragmatic analyst) because we don’t get easily swayed by pure emotional advertising. We sit, ponder, and draw up complex spreadsheets and calculations based upon our need and not based upon the suggestion. But Cell C’s use of Trevor Noah has got my attention.

I have been trying to determine (that’s what we analytical types do) what it is that has made me more favourable to this marketing strategy than other brands’ strategies. And this is what I think it is; with Trevor Noah now playing such a key role in the company’s business, I feel safe that Cell C is going to HAVE to deliver to their promises. Let me explain.
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In defense of Rick Warren’s HIV initiatives

Let me start off by unequivocally stating that I am a fan of Rick Warren. And whilst there are some concerns that have been brought to my attention, I just have not yet had the time to fully investigate them enough for me to revoke my fan status.

One of the more recent issues raised is his whole drive to ‘eradicate’ HIV. The view expressed is that Biblically, we will not be able to cleanse or heal the whole world before Jesus returns (see Matthew 25). And I believe that too. Yet, as humans (and by the grace of God), we have eradicated the world of small pox. What’s to say that we can’t do the same with HIV?
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Wanted: FAST & FURIOUS missionaries

If you reckon you got what it takes to drive a ten second car, then apply right here. Whoever said that being a missionary had to be dull! And if you don’t fancy the idea of being some strange dude’s dinner, but wouldn’t mind kicking it over after smashing into a brick wall at breakneck speeds, then the mission-field of street racing might just be for you. There is one catch though; You gotta love Jesus.

When I was younger there was this Rolux Magnum advert on TV promoting the latest lawn mower, where two bands of people were mowing through the tall grasses of Africa when they stumble across each other. The one comments to the other “Dr Livingstone I presume!” And that has always stuck with me as the classic example of a missionary; some white guy sweating it out in some foreign country. And he wasn’t even one of them that got eaten. But that’s the image that I had.
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