Trevor Noah does it for me

In a marketing sense that is. This is a big thing for a pragnalyst (pragmatic analyst) because we don’t get easily swayed by pure emotional advertising. We sit, ponder, and draw up complex spreadsheets and calculations based upon our need and not based upon the suggestion. But Cell C’s use of Trevor Noah has got my attention.

I have been trying to determine (that’s what we analytical types do) what it is that has made me more favourable to this marketing strategy than other brands’ strategies. And this is what I think it is; with Trevor Noah now playing such a key role in the company’s business, I feel safe that Cell C is going to HAVE to deliver to their promises. Let me explain.

Trevor Noah is not just some popular celebrity type (like an athlete) that is endorsing a product. With all love and respect to Francois Pienaar (captain of the winning 1995 world cup rugby team), his endorsement of Lays Chips did not make me run out and go by any. No! Trevor Noah is more than that. He has power that others simply do not have. His power lies in the fact that he is a comedian. And strangely, that gives me some sense of comfort.

Why? Because if Cell C does not deliver to their promises (screws up in colloquial terms), then Mr Trevor has got masses of inside information on the company to have a field day on the comedic stages. Can you just imagine the negative publicity if Trevor had to take their inside antics to the stage? Cell C has got guts! And because they have done this, where in the past I did not even give them a second glance, I am even considering them as a primary option now.

So well done to Cell C. And well done to Trevor. Let’s hope we won’t be hearing too many jokes about how Cell C operates. But if we do, we’ll have a great laugh. Both ways we win.

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  1. nice one, I like Trevor but not Cell C. Their advertising always seemed to me like they were trying to hard to sell the “township factor” which is not really much appeal for a rural boy turned urban except for a cool dress code.

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