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War of the Worlds or Basic Instinct. You choose.

In the story of creation, we (all peoples) were never TOLD to be in relationship with God. Yet there WAS relationship. Today we have no relationship with God and (to a large extent) are encouraged NOT to have a relationship with Him. Why? If it was in our design to have relationship, why do we battle to have one these days, considering that there is no longer a reason (or block) to be able to? Read the rest of this entry

When last did you get a klap against the head?

Like every other day, I’m on my way back to get ready for work from dropping off my mother and brother in law, and there’s this lady driving in front of me, maybe just a little bit too slow for my morning routine. I’m poer-poering behind her when she (gratefully) indicates that she’s turning left, and starts veering in that direction. So I start veering right, to pass her, when suddenly she’s in front of me!!!!!! also turning right.

I’m slamming the brakes and eyeballing her, and she’s eyeballing me, and I’m saying ‘you stupid women’, and she can’t hear me, and I pull away still thinking she’s a stupid women, and then God klaps me on the back of the head. Read the rest of this entry

Anyone lost a finger lately?

I was driving past a low cost housing project and saw a number of large stones/rocks along the side of the road. I couldn’t make out where they might have come from, and so my mind wandered off to our country’s turbulent past where stone throwing at others was commonplace. It also reminded me that stone throwing was a thing that God commanded in the Old Testament to rid the community of sin. Seems quite brutal doesn’t it!

Then along came Jesus and He said that if your hand causes you to sin, chop it off; if your eye causes you to sin, then pluck it out. I look at this and I think, oh my hat, this is hectic. Quite shockingly though, this is quite prevalent in some countries of the world today. If you get caught stealing something small, they chop off a finger. If it is something big, then off comes the hand. On the whole, the community benefits because there is reduced crime. Read the rest of this entry

Of light sabers, mosquito zappers and cell phones

Of recent, we have been watching the Star Wars series with Anna-Marie’s brother Nhlonipho. They have these incredible “laser swords” that have been the envy of every male child, for like 30 years now. It is such a cool weapon!! It’s got such a lot of power, just like a cell phone; neat and compact, but when you switch it on, boy does it smack you with a wallop.

Later that night, I got as close as I probably ever would, to a light saber (laser sword); my mosquito zapper. Just like the saber, I have to hold down a button to activate its power. As I slowly maneuver it through the air, there is this gentle hum that comes from it, just like the swords on TV. Then when I strike out and zap a mosquito, the contact makes this great big light and explosive sound. And in a strange (some may say deranged) kind of way, I feel like a hero, having hunted and killed the enemy. Read the rest of this entry

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