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I speak as the mother of my children!!!

I am a first time mother. Throughout my pregnancy I fought off the question, “Do I have what it takes?” I did all I can from conception to birth to ensure my son’s body would get all it needs to develop well. But would I be mature enough, wise enough, brave enough, to groom him into a confident, happy child with all the odds seemingly stacked against me in this morally decayed world we live in?

It was when I sat down and watched Jungle Book that my obsessive fear got rendered powerless! In the movie, the lost baby boy, Mowgli, gets adopted by a wolf family. The old tiger, Shere Khan, visits the family where they are residing in a cave. The father of the pack rises to his position of protection to confront the tiger. They argue but with every statement the father makes, the tiger says, “But I speak the law of the jungle.” Just as it appears that the tiger has won his argument, the mother of the pack rises up, takes her place next to the father and says, “And I, Shere Khan, am speaking as the mother of my children!!!” At this, the tiger retreats in defeat.

Something in me stirred and awoke the age old authority with which every little girl is born, an authority that becomes hers and gives her
a voice,
a place,
a strength,
the day her own child’s first cry is uttered as he/she enters into this world. I sat there and somehow knew, “I do have what it takes inside me!!” If I make decisions from the humble and pure basis of “the mother of my child” and not the opinion of others or what is socially acceptable, I will be okay.

You see, we complain about the misery of having to bear children in pain, having periods and period pain, having cellulite and stretch marks and leaking breast milk and the list goes on. Men, we say, have such a better deal in life than us.

But do they?

They will NEVER have the chance to feel a child kick inside them, or feel their bellies expand as life is formed inside them. They will never know the amazing sense of bonding when a child nurses at your breast. They will never experience the power and authority that is not given or earned or developed, but with which each women is born with, the authority against which no one can fight, which allows a women to rise up to any platform of opposition, to stand tall and say,

“I speak as the mother of my child!!”

Happy mother’s day to all mothers out there!!

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