Black Tuesday – What will you do?

My son said, “Dad. Please protect my future.” So I wore black today!!! How many pieces of silver are YOU placing in the hands of politicians by NOT making a stand? Herewith attached is a letter from an old friend. I support the content of this letter 100%.

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Open Letter to Mrs Borman. ANC member of parliament.

Dear Mrs. Borman,

I like you am a member and worship at the same church in Durban. Manning Road Methodist Church.

This coming Wednesday the Protection of State Information bill comes before you, for you to vote. You must be aware of the contentious clauses contained therein that have been raised, by NGO’s, civil society, the official opposition, the press, foreign governments and even from within your own political party. This is virtually the last area of our South African democracy that keeps you and your political colleagues accountable to the public that voted you into parliament.

Currently, every major department within the criminal justice system has been politicised in your political party’s favour, from the highest court in our land, to the South African Police Force. I accept that as a democracy your party has the right to do this, but, it is patently clear to any intelligent person in South Africa that portions of this Protection of Information Bill, that you will be voting on, is being introduced only to protect those members of your political party from accusations of crime and defrauding all the citizens of South Africa.

Nobel laureate Nadine Gordimer has accused your party of taking South Africa beyond apartheid with this bill. Surely, you as a devote Christian who is married to a retired Methodist minister can see the damage that this bill will do to our democracy.

I am aware that there are good members of the ANC that are working towards the improvement of the lives of all South Africa, but I am also well aware that there are members of the ANC who are only there for self enrichment.

My question to you is, “How will you vote?”.

My opinion of you is that you are a lady of principal and I would be surprised if you cannot see the faults in this piece of legislation.

On Wednesday I will reflect on the bible story of the crucifixion of Jesus, and ask, “How many pieces of silver does it take to betray the people of South Africa”

On Thursday maybe you will have an answer for me.

Graham Sessions
Manor Gardens

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my name is darryl
and this is what i have to say
(well actually what Graham has to say 😉


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