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If a women becomes a Christian, there is a 17% chance that the others in the household will become Christian. If a man, however, becomes a Christian, there is a 93% chance that the rest of the household will become Christian. That is why ministry to men is so important. ~ Mark Gungor (Laugh your way to a happy marriage) #b #wp

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About Darryl Schoeman

My Personal Life : challenge leads to thought and thought leads to change More than the Apostle Paul, I can say that I am the chief of sinners (really really really). But I love God and I love the Bible. So I try to live my life with the constant realisation that God is PERMANENTLY with me (yes even when I sin), and seek His presence in everything that I do (except when I sin) and in everything that happens. I share this with others so that they too can believe it and then seek to live it.

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  1. Gregory Rogers

    Wow, Darryl! That’s intriguing. Is that stat from George Barna?

  2. Hi Greg. I don’t know where Mark Gungor got the stat from, but I found it to be intriguing too.

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