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Former Dawkins Atheist Richard Morgan Continues to Praise God | Christian Post

this is what i have to say - image of richard dawkinsI love to read stories like this of how atheists become Christian after engaging with other atheists. This particular atheist was converted to Christianity after spending time on Richard Dawkins’ website. Well done to the Scottish Pastor David Robertson for persisting on engaging the hostile atheists. And thanks to Steve Kryger from Communicate Jesus for his post highlighting this.

There are essentially two links for this article. The first (original) is at Apologetics 315. It is a full length transcript of the interview. The second is on the Christian Post which is an easier to read summary of the Apologetics 315 interview.

So!!! It’s the end of the world tomorrow.

Now we can get all Christianese about it and say that Matthew 24:36 is quite clear that no one knows when the end of the world is going to be. Or we can get all “derogatory” with and about those people that haven’t read or don’t want to believe that the Mayan calendar is simply coming to the end of its long cycle (kind of like our yearly calendar just ticks over at the end of every calendar year). Or we can even get all philosophical about it and agree with the statement that tomorrow will indeed be the end of the world as we know it, as it would have changed and have been altered in one or other substantive way. Or…

… we can face the reality that tomorrow could very well be the end of the world.

I am not saying that the Mayans are correct. But neither am I denying the sovereignty of God in deciding which day He may choose to end the world and bring about judgement. You see, it could very well be that the Mayans only guessed it correctly. But whether they guessed it right or not, does not change the fact the God could indeed use tomorrow as the time to send Jesus back to collect the saints and banish the lost.

So, the real question that remains, is are you right with God?

Are you ready to find out what’s on the other side of death? Is there really an eternity, or do you come back as something else? But if the earth is totally destroyed, what will you come back as? Or maybe you become one with everything, or get absorbed into the nothing? Which one will it be; the something or the nothing?

Can you really afford to be wrong?

Jesus offers eternal life. If He’s wrong, then you have nothing to lose; you’ll either return to a desolate and wasteland earth, or you’ll dissolve into nothing and won’t know anyway, or you’ll become one with everything and won’t care either way. But that’s only if He’s wrong.

But if He’s right, you have everything to gain or lose. You will either have eternal life or eternal damnation. Can you really risk it?

But here’s the catch – Jesus doesn’t only want your fear of death. He wants your heart. You see, I don’t believe that the world is going to end tomorrow. I believe that we’re all going to wake up on Saturday morning and go, “Ah!! Yet another prediction all gone wrong.” And the commitment you make to follow Jesus before the world is supposed to end, will require a follow through when you wake up the very next day.

Jesus is not only your ticket out of death, but He is your journey on your way to eternal life. That journey is this life that you are living now. And because you are going one way, in order for you to go the other way (to eternal life), you need to change direction. That change in direction is called repentance. It requires an attitude and even a behavioural change on your part. But it is worth it.

Go on. Give your heart to Jesus.

Pray with me:
Heavenly Father. I admit that I do not have all the answers. I admit that even though I may think that I am a good person, there is without a doubt, something that I have done that has ultimately been an offense to you. I may not even know what that offense may be, but I know that there will have been something. And so I confess to you that I have sinned against You and am in need of a saviour. Lord, I do not want to be eternally damned and am therefore here to now accept Your free gift of salvation through the death and resurrection of Your Son, Jesus of Nazareth. Please forgive me of my sins and help me to be the person that You have destined me to be. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

Now go find a local Church, tell them that you have committed your life to Jesus, and start your journey towards eternal life in the fellowship of other believers.

If you want, you can email me at and I will labour with you in prayer for you to find a local Church.

May God richly bless you this day as you begin this journey. In Jesus name. Amen.

my name is darryl
and this is what i have to say

Scripture references:
Matthew 24:36 (NIV) – “No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father”

From the archives : International pray for ‘dooms-day prophets’ day

International pray for ‘dooms-day prophets’ day

In light of the claimed end of the world tomorrow, I was reminded about this post I wrote more than a year ago.

my name is darryl
and this is what i have to say

What Would Jesus Say To The Red Bull Team?

“Ha ha ha! That was a good one guys. Thanks for the free publicity. Now let me show you what really happened.” And He’d wisk them off back in time to the raging Sea of Galilee, put them in the tossing boat, lob them a Red Bull each and say, “Okay. Off you go then. Let’s see if it really gives you wings.” (See Matthew 14:23-33).

Let me give my non-South African readers a little bit of context. Earlier this week Red Bull launched an advert in South Africa with Jesus and two of His disciples sitting in a fishing boat. They get bored fishing so Jesus gets up and starts walking on the water. His disciples ask Him how is it that He can perform such a miracle, to which Jesus responds that there’s no real miracle, but that they just needed to know where the stepping stones were. Now I didn’t see the advert myself (I don’t watch TV) and I’m working off a newspaper article that I read, so my details may be a bit off. But this was the jist of the advert.

Rightfully Read the rest of this entry

Hype is Social Media’s Adrenaline

I once watched a movie where one of the characters said that mobile devices will change the face of politics. I wonder if the writers of that movie ever thought how ‘prophetic’ their words would ring true. If you really think about it, chat rooms and forums have been around for decades on the internet, but the moment social media capabilities were added to mobile phone devices – BOOM – social media exploded. And with that, a new way of ‘getting high’ – hype.

Take for instance this whole Kony 2012 thing. I must confess that all I know about it, is that there is this guy named Kony who is doing some really nasty things and some people want him ‘taken out’ by the end of 2012. It is not that I am unsympathetic towards the whole situation, but I must agree with Ben that there is more to action than pressing a like button (click here to read his blog). Somehow we think that by forwarding the email, or pressing the like button, or re-tweeting or re-posting the message, we have actually positively contributed to the cause that is being ‘hyped’ about. And then we pat ourselves on the back for doing so.

But here’s a reality check!!! It wasn’t that long ago that we were ‘up in arms’ over Gaddafi and Sadam Hussein. What about Robert Mugabe, the extinction of the Rhino’s, and the Durban couple sold by their pirate captors to someone else? There’s always something to be hyped up about. There’s always something out there *hand waving in the air* that requires our words, our affirmations, our ‘telling others about it’. And all that it actually accomplishes is the drawing of our attention away from what is happening right here *hand pointing to the ground*. So here’s another reality check; tomorrow there will be another one, and the day after that, and the day after that too. Gone are the adrenaline junkies; welcome to the hype junkies.

Biggest reality check of them all; your ‘action’ is not going to save anyone or anything – only Jesus is.

You want to save the people from Kony? Go and evangelise the lost. You want to save the Rhinos from extinction? Go evangelise the lost. Why? Because Jesus said that only once the world has been evangelised, will He return (see Matthew 24:14). And when that happens, then there will be no more tears, no more death, no more mourning, no more crying, and no more pain (see Revelations 21:4). ALL the worlds problems, causes and hypes, fixed in a single flash.

Does that mean you must drop everything and go run into the wild? No! But it does mean that you have to take some REAL action and actually get involved in your church’s mission program. Again this does not mean that you have to personally go as everyone is called differently, equipped differently, and graced differently (and I’ll touch on these in another post later). But you must do more than just talk about it or suggest someone else do it. Get involved.

How easily do you get hyped up about stuff? Is there something in your immediate life, situation, or context that needs you to be actively engaged with it, rather than talking or thinking about it or running off on some other ‘adventure’? You can leave a comment by click here.

my name is darryl
and this is what i have to say

Scripture references:

Matthew 24:14 (NIV) – And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come.

Revelation 21:4 (NIV) – He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.

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