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Of Fairies, Fancies, and Fantasies

A Facebook friend of mine recently posted a picture of what was claimed to be the mummified remains of a fairy, with a comment / caption that fairy remains had been found and that we must decide for ourselves. Well, it didn’t take long for me to determine that the picture / story was a hoax. A very quick and simple search on Google took me to with an article wherein which the person who had committed the hoax, had confessed that it was an April fools hoax in 2007.

What surprised the original hoaxer though was that even after he had confessed to it being a hoax, many people were undeterred and still believed the story, including the existence of fairies. What was more interesting though was his statement that a previous fairy hoax (the Cottingley Fairies), had only been determined / revealed to be a hoax after 50 years. That is a long time for a hoax to be active and believed. And this saddened me even more.

You see, if a story (hoax) had gone on for 50 years, it is very probable that there were people who had heard the story and died believing that story. They died believing that fairies were real. They died believing that there was more than God. They died believing a lie.

I simply cannot understand why is it that people run after all sorts of stories that in the end prove to be misleading or false. Why can they simply not just read the Bible and be happy with it? Read the rest of this entry

Of light sabers, mosquito zappers and cell phones

Of recent, we have been watching the Star Wars series with Anna-Marie’s brother Nhlonipho. They have these incredible “laser swords” that have been the envy of every male child, for like 30 years now. It is such a cool weapon!! It’s got such a lot of power, just like a cell phone; neat and compact, but when you switch it on, boy does it smack you with a wallop.

Later that night, I got as close as I probably ever would, to a light saber (laser sword); my mosquito zapper. Just like the saber, I have to hold down a button to activate its power. As I slowly maneuver it through the air, there is this gentle hum that comes from it, just like the swords on TV. Then when I strike out and zap a mosquito, the contact makes this great big light and explosive sound. And in a strange (some may say deranged) kind of way, I feel like a hero, having hunted and killed the enemy. Read the rest of this entry

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