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Santa & Satan

It just struck me that Santa and Satan have the exact same letters, just re-ordered. Considering what Santa has done to the truth of Christmas, makes you think doesn’t it!

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Some fast facts about Christmas

Jesus was NOT born on Christmas day. (Gasp!!!) He was actually born more around September. (OMG – oh my gosh!! Double gasp!!!). God also never told us to celebrate Christmas (in other words it’s nowhere in the Bible). So the question really arises, why do YOU celebrate Christmas on Christmas day?

Today is Christmas Eve. As the day approaches that we celebrate the birth of our Lord and Saviour, I just wanted to share with you some information around the celebrating of Christmas Day. I do this, because for many years now (as long as Tim has been alive), Anna-Marie and I have celebrated Christmas a bit differently from the rest of our family. We have done certain things in accordance with our convictions, which have resulted in some strange looks from people that have asked what we’re doing about this or that pertaining to Christmas. But we could never sufficiently express what our convictions were. We recently received an email that articulated how we felt, quite well. And so I share it with you too.
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Dr Manhatten is not God

Sorry to have to break it to you like this, but he just isn’t!! In the movie Watchmen, he is indirectly declared to be God and even has several attributes projected upon him that point to his “godness”; he “returns from the dead”; has bright white eyes that stand in contrast to his skin tone (which is blue); can make himself grow very, very, very tall; he can split himself so that he can be in multiple places at the same time; shoot some form of death ray (power) from his hands; is extremely intelligent; and can even see into the future. If you had placed your trust and hope in him (this type of god), then I am sorry to disappoint you, but he simply is not God.

Probably the most profound antitype God statement/quote from the movie, is when Dr Manhattan says, “Why should I save a world I no longer have any stake in?” When I heard that, I immediately thought of how completely opposite that is from how God truly is. I mean we constantly ignore Him. We constantly exclude Him from our lives. We constantly disobey His perfect will for our lives. And all these things, results in the world being in a condition that He never intended it to be. Then we turn around and blame Him for it being in the state that it’s in!! If you reflect upon these, then it would indeed appear that God no longer has a stake in the world that He created.

But He does.

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