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Atheism Grounded on Pretend

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I’m probably going to get a barrage of abuse for posting this, but don’t get upset with me – I’m simply highlighting what they (the atheists) are saying themselves. So here’s the quote:

No gene – which is a mere collection of DNA molecules – can be said to have a selfish attitude or to make selfish plans, since these require a brain. Nevertheless, it is useful to pretend, as Richard Dawkins (1976) has done, that a gene thinks about it’s desire to survive … (Mary Maxwell, The Sociobiological Imagination 1991, p19-20, emphasis mine)

So, atheism is grounded upon a theory which admittedly relies on pretending. Mmmmm… interesting.

my name is darryl
and this is what i have to say

Sex proves that there is a God

And if that doesn’t convince you, then frankly I don’t know what will. We did not evolve by natural selection as Darwin theorised, and sex is fortunately an evidence for intelligent design. What am I on about???

I bumped onto the Creation Ministries Website doing research on the “possible” compatibility of the Biblical account of creation with evolution. Whilst there, I read their pamphlet (click here for it) listing 15 questions to pose to people who “believe” in evolution.

In summary, one of the points is how did sex evolve. Evolution by natural selection “claims” that survival of the fittest is the determining factor in determining how species became what they are today. The problem with reproduction, of which sex plays a part, is that it is actually the lesser of the reproductive means. In other words, reproduction through sex is not the better or stronger means of reproduction.

The other form of reproduction is asexual reproduction where the species is but one gender (normally female) who produces offspring. These offspring are exact replicas of the original (clones). From a survival perspective, this is good as during non-asexual reproduction (normal sex), only 50% of each of the parents’ genes are passed on to the new offspring. This results in a poorer “selection” for survival. Sex then as we know it, is therefore not the best method or chance for a species’ ultimate survival.

If sex then is not the best natural selecting mechanism for the continued existence of a species, how is it that we have sex? Quite frankly, it is because we have an intelligent designer called God, who chose for us (and other species) to reproduce through relational copulation (read Genesis 1 and 2).

And boy oh boy, am I glad!!! 🙂

my name is darryl
and this is what i have to say

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