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What a great post. Here I was thinking I’m gonna read about someone’s amazing salvation experience. Instead I got a well deserved laugh. Thanks Bro Pat.

In Defense of the Granddads – Reblogged

I was ‘cleaning’ up my posts and found this old post of mine. Brought back some good memories. Enjoy.

this is what i have to say

So many times, whenever we read a story like the one posted about the under 30’s club, we have the same response as the original author does, when we hear the stories of how our granddads had to walk uphill to get to school, and then walk uphill to get home again. And we’ve all thought, yeah right; you can’t walk uphill twice going in opposite directions!

But as Timon from the Lion King would say, “Au contraire, my porcine pal.” I believe you could walk uphill going there and uphill going back. Let me explain.

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