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Special revelation leads to a divine description of God

It is only at the point of special revelation that general revelation gets a “personality”. Only when God chooses to make Himself known through self-disclosure, can mankind construct any form of a truly “divine description” of God.

This was a thought that I wrote down to use in my latest assignment, but am not going to be able to insert it to be used. But I thought to share it somewhere. Where better than on the WWW?

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How would you like to read Genesis 24:63?

That Isaac went out to meditate at sunrise (in human terms); or “When the revolution of the earth upon its axis caused the rays of the solar luminary to impinge horizontally upon the retina, Isaac went out to meditate” (in scientifically accurate terms)? (cf. David S. Dockery – Christian Scripture: An Evangelical Perspective on Inspiration, Authority and Interpretation p48)

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