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Why Are So Many Men Hooked on Internet Porn & Video Games?

This was a great post by Russell Moore that I got via Brandon Cox ( and one that I recommend everyone to read.

I valued greatly how Russel highlighted the spiritual aspect of both love and war, reminding us that God is indeed the creator of both, but for a specific purpose.

The sadness of the reality of what he has written, is that women will remain devoid of that which God has placed in them (Your desire will be for your husband ~ see Genesis 3:16b) as men will simply not be “present” to fulfil this role, themselves being devoid of the the responsibility that God has placed in them (he [women’s husband] will rule over you ~ also Genesis 3:16b).

Men will furthermore pat themselves on the back and feel a sense of accomplishment in defeating the “enemy” depicted in the video game, instead of getting out into the real world and making a real difference and defeating the real enemy’s plans and schemes (poverty, injustice, etc.).

Guard yourselves, your children, your flock, and your friends.

Read the article.

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