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What Would Jesus Say To The Red Bull Team?

“Ha ha ha! That was a good one guys. Thanks for the free publicity. Now let me show you what really happened.” And He’d wisk them off back in time to the raging Sea of Galilee, put them in the tossing boat, lob them a Red Bull each and say, “Okay. Off you go then. Let’s see if it really gives you wings.” (See Matthew 14:23-33).

Let me give my non-South African readers a little bit of context. Earlier this week Red Bull launched an advert in South Africa with Jesus and two of His disciples sitting in a fishing boat. They get bored fishing so Jesus gets up and starts walking on the water. His disciples ask Him how is it that He can perform such a miracle, to which Jesus responds that there’s no real miracle, but that they just needed to know where the stepping stones were. Now I didn’t see the advert myself (I don’t watch TV) and I’m working off a newspaper article that I read, so my details may be a bit off. But this was the jist of the advert.

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What would Jesus say to Michael Jackson?

Okay, okay. So I got more to say about Michael Jackson than what I thought I did. But actually, it’s not so much about Michael Jackson, than it is about presenting to you, a possible dialogue between Jesus and Michael Jackson.

You see, when I heard the news that Michael Jackson was dead, my first thought was, “Yeah right.”

My second thought was, “Shame. Poor dude.”

My third thought was, “Wow! I don’t think he is saved.”

And then my fourth thought was, “Let’s say Michael Jackson was to have one of those near death experiences where he gets to go to heaven, experience a bit of the wonder and majesty of God, meet Jesus, have a conversation, and then come back for another chance at life, what would it be that Jesus would say to him.”

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