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Former Dawkins Atheist Richard Morgan Continues to Praise God | Christian Post

this is what i have to say - image of richard dawkinsI love to read stories like this of how atheists become Christian after engaging with other atheists. This particular atheist was converted to Christianity after spending time on Richard Dawkins’ website. Well done to the Scottish Pastor David Robertson for persisting on engaging the hostile atheists. And thanks to Steve Kryger from Communicate Jesus for his post highlighting this.

There are essentially two links for this article. The first (original) is at Apologetics 315. It is a full length transcript of the interview. The second is on the Christian Post which is an easier to read summary of the Apologetics 315 interview.

Atheism Grounded on Pretend

this is what i have to say - image of richard dawkins

I’m probably going to get a barrage of abuse for posting this, but don’t get upset with me – I’m simply highlighting what they (the atheists) are saying themselves. So here’s the quote:

No gene – which is a mere collection of DNA molecules – can be said to have a selfish attitude or to make selfish plans, since these require a brain. Nevertheless, it is useful to pretend, as Richard Dawkins (1976) has done, that a gene thinks about it’s desire to survive … (Mary Maxwell, The Sociobiological Imagination 1991, p19-20, emphasis mine)

So, atheism is grounded upon a theory which admittedly relies on pretending. Mmmmm… interesting.

my name is darryl
and this is what i have to say

Thank You Mr. Atheist

But we already knew that. You really didn’t have to waste your time and money on all that research. All you had to do was read the Bible. Then you would have known upfront what you discovered in your report. But by putting empirical evidence to this known fact, you have indeed validated the Bible as being true and accurate. So thank you.

And when you see the name Darryl mentioned in the report, know that it is not me!! The report that was written, identified that there are practicing ministers who do not believe in God. Our friendly mr. atheist and company, used their own time and money to determine what many believers and ministers in the church have known for a long time (see Matthew 23:27). The big challenge though for you, is what do YOU believe? Read the rest of this entry

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