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Do you remember the Fanta adverts??

I read an article recently about the Finnish police investigating a case of virtual theft. That’s right!! Virtual theft. Not real theft of real things, but real theft of not real things (is that even theft – “stealing” something that doesn’t actually exist). Don’t believe me? Read about it here. Come on people!

Does anyone remember the Fanta ads not so long ago where you had the guys making cut-out friends from cardboard? And they’d be hanging out with these not-so-real-friends where everyone else drinking Fanta was having a rad time (not to mention of course all the people having a rad time who are drinking coke, sprite, and smoking Peter Stuyvesant cigarettes – and don’t forget the Castle Lager)!!

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Life sentence for killing a mannequin

A man was jailed for life today after a court found him guilty of first degree murder. John Doe was sentenced to life imprisonment after a jury determined that he had purposefully, deliberately and calculatedly, planned and executed the attack that led to the untimely death of the victim. The victim was a 20 year old clothing store mannequin. But this was no ordinary mannequin.

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